Secure, Banking grade Video KYC, at Scale
…backed by human verifications and AI.

Solve KYC/AML compliance issues, speed up customer Onboarding and eliminate identity fraud

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100% RBI Compliant Video KYC

Onboard customers with our Video based Customer Identification Process(V-CIP)


Video based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP)

Conduct KYC on a High quality video call between your agent and the customer, location of the customer is recorded and the call is recorded.

Why do you need Video KYC

Drastically reduce time and money to verify customers using our Video KYC, Our RBI compliant system can be deployed onto your domain, it enables your agents to conduct KYC quickly and easily from anywhere.

Our AI enabled Video KYC also provides liveliness checks, facial match comparisons with confidence scores and more.

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Simple, Secure and efficient Video KYC

  • Simple, quick onboarding process with customers completing the KYC process in minutes
  • Eliminated identity fraud by being on the call your customer.
  • Compliance with KYC requirements of the RBI.
  • Fully flexible to meet the demands of your KYC flow.
  • Reduce manually effort drastically.

With our Video KYC ...

  • Save time of both your agents and customers as they no longer need to travel to the designated location to complete offline KYC.
  • Prevent criminals exploiting outdated verification procedures.
  • You no longer have to worry about complying with changing KYC requirements.
  • Prevent loss of revenue due to delays between customer signup and them being verified.
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The Video KYC solution for your business

Minimal Setup

Simple & quick Video KYC. Your customers and agents only need a web browser, a video camera and Internet access.


We employ liveliness tests, All our calls are end to end encrypted, video verifications are saved for you to review later.


Video KYC calls can be recorded and uploaded to secure servers with timestamp.

White label solution

Deploy our Video KYC solution on your domain, you control your own data and logs, store all the video recordings on your own servers.


Capture and store the location of your customer during the Video KYC process for regulatory purposes.

Remote image capture

Your agent can capture live images on the user's stream during the call.

Liveliness Tests

Simple AI Liveliness tests to prevent spoofing and ensure that the user is actually present during the call.


VidKYC provides the option to schedule calls easily using the VidKYC dashboard. Share the call links and connect your agents and customers.

Android App

Take calls on the go with our android app. Our VidKYC android app lets you make & receive calls and conduct KYC calls right from the app.

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